Mon, 04/15/2024

The Permanent Representative, Ambassador Marcel Tibaleka today hosted the Director General of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industries (CCIG) to a consequential discussion on strengthening  cooperation and ties with the Geneva based Chamber. In his brief, Amb Tibaleka spoke about the great potential that exists between the two entities and the benefits that would result from doing business for both countries. Alongside PR was Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador Arthur Kafeero; Counsellor Brian Mwesigwa and Milwen Owaro of the Economic and Commercial Diplomacy Desk.

Ambassador Kafeero reiterated the opportunities that exist, elaborating on the enormous potential of mutual economic and commercial benefits. Notable in his presentation was the need to augment relations and cooperation between the two entities, pointing to the fact that Uganda has a fully liberal economy with a thriving private sector and a growing GDP. He referred to the creation of an enabling socio-economic environment through various instituted reforms by government and the private sector. DRP further apprised the Director, pointing to the following facts about Uganda;

  • The economic forecast has bounced back positively after Covid.
  • Uniquely placed in the region & on returns on investment.
  • Boasts 100% grant to ownership by foreign companies.
  • Regional leader in market capital growth
  • Sound infrastructure to back growth & investment.
  • Skilled population
  • Uganda is a land linked country with access to hinterland.
  • Uganda    - 45million
  • EAC         – 300 million,
  • COMESA  – 640 million and
  • AFCFTA    – 1.4billion

Ambassador Kafeero emphasized the need for a structured relationship that would facilitate business between the two countries, a strengthening of partnership and cooperation in the promotion of trade, tourism, and investment.

The Director General, Mr Vincent Subilia thanked the PR for the invitation and exhibited the readiness of the CCIG to do business with Uganda, noting that the Chambers is an open market! He expressed optimism and envisaged an event in Geneva before end of the year, 2024 where CCIG would host a business delegation from Uganda.