Leaving Switzerland

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Prior to moving back home for good is a pretty bold decision for anyone to take, meaning that you have considered lots of elements and earnestly and deeply thought through on how to settle in.

Once this decision has been made and you are ready to move, the Mission avails itself to facilitate your move through a written letter to the Commissioner- General of Uganda Revenue Authority. You are expected to provide a list of your belongings (parking list) to the Mission before you receive this letter. Accompanying this letter will be the airway bill. Proof of your permanent move can be in form of a letter from your work place or commune.

If you are a holder of only a Swiss passport, note that you will be required to obtain an online visa prior to your travel. Make sure you apply for the VISA  on authorized website of the Directorate of Immigration at: https://visas.immigration.go.ug/. There are scammers who have been masquerading and luring the diaspora to other websites, charging exorbitant amounts or simply defrauding you of your money. 

For any further information, contact the Mission at, chancery@ugandamission.ch