Phenomenal Women Global, 6th Annual Conference

Fri, 09/22/2023

In his Keynote speech, Ambassador Kafeero, referencing the Conference Theme "Her Voice", amplified the celebration of the resounding power of the women's voices in shaping our world, and also in the recognition of the need to harness those voices for positive change. He posed a number of questions in relation to the theme such as: What is "her voice", who are we referring to? Why does she need a voice, who is the agent for this voice, what do we want to elevate in this voice, and how can we do it in the most effective way?

He made reference to the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action,1995 noting it as the most progressive blue print for advancing women's rights. Whereas there has been great achievement in advancing women's voices over the decades, there still remains  big equality gaps that have to be addressed in addition to other barriers that prevent women from realising their full potential, he noted. He drew parallels in Ugandas story where women have served at the highest levels in Parliament and Cabinet, in addition to the private sectors.

Full remarks in pdf herein.