HRC Special Session on Sudan

Thu, 05/04/2023

Arthur Kafeero- Deputy PR at the Uganda Permanent Mission in Geneva delivered a Statement at the HRC Special Session on Sudan held on 11 May 2023. He called upon the Council and the International community to support regional efforts and cooperate with Sudan to realize peace, security and stability.

As a country in the region, Uganda has continued to follow closely the unfortunate events in Sudan with keen interest, both at a regional and bilateral level.

We remain concerned of the deteriorating situation in the country, in particular the loss of life and destruction of property.    This situation is not only creating a humanitarian crisis but also has far reaching implications for regional peace and security.

The IGAD region has taken necessary steps to address the current situation.  The leaders have agreed on a mechanism of engagement with the Sudan leadership.     We urge the international community to support the regional efforts to realize peace, security and stability in Sudan.

We wish to echo the call by IGAD for an immediate and unconditional cessation of hostilities, de-escalate tensions and allow un-feterred humanitarian access.

The most critical issue to-date is an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Whereas the Council is rightfully concerned with the human rights situation in Sudan, the question that begs is - how this specific Session will realize its purpose without an immediate end to the fighting?

Therefore, it is essential that this Council works cooperatively with Sudan as a country of concern, to successfully achieve the tenets of the resolution under consideration today.