Association of Ugandans living in Switzerland (ASUGAS) elect new Committee

Sun, 07/09/2023

The members of the Association of Ugandans Living in Switzerland over the weekend of 8th July held their first Annual General Assembly (AGA)  in five years since the advent of COVID-19. No activities took place in more that two years as the epidemic ravaged and caused closure to gatherings & assemblies.

This years AGA witnessed the election of a new executive committee of 11 strong ladies and gentlemen that shall steer &  lead for the next two years. New offices of mobilization, culture & entertainment and IT will for the first time be part of the executive. Prior executive committees had only four members:  The President & Vice President, Treasurer and the General Secretary.

The event attracted more than 50 members of the diaspora and up to 20 children enjoying  BBQ with lots of food and drink to serve. The gathering ended at about 12.00 midnight.