Current Programs



EVENT                                                                   DATE                                    LOCATION



CHRISTMAS GET-TOGETHER                        17 DEC 2022                       NOT DETERMINED

HOME IS BEST SUMMIT                               JAN 2023                             UGANDA

EASTER CELEB/PROJECTS DAY                     8 MARCH 23                       BERNE/FRIBOURG

MISSION OUTREACH                                     JUNE/JULY MAY                    ZURICH/BASEL/BERNE

SUMMER NYAMA-CHOMA BBQ                 8/15 JULY                            GENEVA/VESOIR OPEN AIR         

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS        14/21 OCT                           GENEVA


Home is Best Summit and the Social Networking Event  is an annual events organized by Uganda Investment Authority and Diaspora Services Department / MOFA. They take place in Uganda every December targeting the Ugandan Diaspora who are in country for the Christmas holiday. The Diaspora are taken on a tour of different developments with in different regions of Uganda. Presentations on investment opportunities are made and the Diaspora are given an opportunity to share their ideas with government and the public at large.

Independence Day Celebrations 9 October (Geneva, Berne). This years celebration, the 60th Independence Celebrations took place in Geneva and was attended by more than 200 members, see photos in the gallery section. This day shall also, moving forward, be an occasion to show case what the diaspora associations have accomplished; a presentation on diaspora investments and development, philanthropic initiatives; presentation of awards for best performances etc.

Swiss Independence Day 1 August; in solidarity with Swiss friends, in-laws, colleagues at work etc., the members of the diaspora show-case Uganda’s’ Culture in the foods, art & crafts and also in dance.

​​​​​​​Christmas season get-together; its an moment of our celebration where families come together in remembrance of the Lords birth; bringing in own foodstuff/drinks and sharing as one family.

​​​​​​​Youth/Children’s Day; an activity that the Mission in conjunction with the diaspora hope to initiate as one of the annual events- to remind our children of their identity, culture and inspire them to patriotism.