Mission Charter


The Geneva Mission Charter is based on the Uganda Ministry of Foreign Affairs five year Strategic Plan 2010/11. It focuses on Uganda's multilateral objectives in the United Nations and other International Organisations as well as bilateral relations with Switzerland.

The Geneva Mission is accredited to the United Nations Office in Geneva, other International Organizations based in Geneva and the Swizz Confederation Federal Council in Bern.



The Geneva Mission is tasked with the following:

A. Multilateral Tasks

  1. To promote Uganda's political, social, and economic interests in the multilateral systems in Geneva
  2. To mobilize multilateral resources for development of Uganda


B. Bilateral Tasks

  1. To promote Uganda's trade, investment opportunities and tourist attractions in Switzerland
  2. To promote political and economic cooperation between Uganda and Switzerland.
  3. To mobilize bilateral resources for the development of Uganda
  4. To provide protocol and consular services in Switzerland
  5. To mobilize and coordinate the Ugandans living in Switzerland to contribute to the development of Uganda
  6. To empower the Mission to implement its Charter