Vision and Mission


The Permanent Mission is accredited to Switzerland as a Country and also to the Various International Organisations based in Geneva. It is therefore, responsible for implementing Uganda Foreign Policy in Switzerland and to the other International Organisations in order to promote Uganda’s economic growth, Security and development.


The Vision of the Mission is to represent and promote Uganda’s interests of peace and prosperity in Switzerland (Bilateral) and the International Community (Multilateral) in Geneva, and also contribute to the transformation of Uganda through the fulfillment of its Mission Charter.


The Mission of the Permanent Mission is to represent Uganda and effectively participate in the work of Geneva based International Organizations such as the UN, WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, ILO, WIPO, WMO, OHCHR and UNCHR; to promote Uganda as a major tourist destination for the Swiss and as a profitable destination for Swiss Foreign Direct Investment; to enhance the value, volume and diversity of Uganda's exports to Switzerland; and to mobilize financial and other resources from Switzerland to Uganda.