About the Mission

The Permanent Mission of Uganda to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva was opened on March 12, 1996. Geneva, the International City of Switzerland where the Permanent Mission is situated,  is a major hub for Multilateral Institutions that deal with a vast array of activities and issues, including multilateral trade negotiations and treaties; trade and development issues; political and security issues such as disarmament; human rights and social and humanitarian issues such as migration, labour and health; telecommunications issues; intellectual property issues; meteorological and environmental issues.

Most of the major UN and other International Organisations are headquartered here in Geneva. The function of the Uganda Geneva Mission therefore is to act as Uganda’s sentinel, or the eyes and ears of Uganda Vis a Vis the International Community that shapes and participates in the activities and issues of the Multilateral Institutions based in Geneva. The Mission also represents Uganda’s interests within these Multilateral Institutions.