Media Accreditation


If you are a visa applicant intending to do any journalism, filming or media related activity to be shared with the public, in addition to a Uganda visa application form, you are required under Section 29 and 30 of the Uganda Press and Journalist Act to acquire media Accreditation in order to practice any form of Journalism in Uganda.

You are therefore required to apply for "Accreditation application form G" for issuance of an accreditation card from the Uganda Media Centre or from the Uganda Media Council. #

The accreditation card, among other uses, facilitates the importation and exportation of any filming equipment that you or your film/photography crew may need to carry into Uganda as you go about your reporting/filming activities. The accreditation card also ensures that you are not assessed import or excise duty and/or delayed at a customs inspection point. To download Form G, please click here and read instructions carefully.